Bowflex M3 Max Trainer Testimonial - Benefits and drawbacks of the Bowflex Max M3


Thinking about the Bowflex M3 Max Trainer? The M3 is the most budget friendly design in limit Trainer series - coming in under $1000.

The other design is the M5, which is the premium version of this hybrid elliptical trainer-stair stepper. The M5 runs about $500 more than the M3. This leads a lot of people to question exactly what the distinction in between them is - and is the M3 really a bargain.


With that in mind, here's a testimonial of the benefits and drawbacks of the Bowflex Max M3 to assist you choose:

# 1 Most Affordable, High-Calorie-Burning Fitness Equipment on the marketplace

The M3 comes in under $1000 - which makes it one of the most cost effective Bowflex devices on the marketplace (Treadclimbers start at $2300+). This in itself is a huge bonus offer.


You can burn up to 2.5 times more calories than a treadmill, elliptical or stair stepper with this machine. That suggests you lose weight much faster. Find more interested information on .


According to the manufacturer, limit is likewise designed so that you can get this high-calorie burning result even if you only exercise 14 minutes a day. It's fantastic if you're too hectic to spend hours slogging it out on a treadmill.


# 2 Work Your Upper Body and Engage More Muscles


According to the manufacturer, in the lab, the Max engaged more core and upper body muscles even than the elliptical trainer.

Not just does that explain the higher calorie burning effects, however it likewise assists you tone your upper body - unlike a treadmill or stair climber.


# 3 Low Impact Means Less Pain on the Joints


The Max trainer was developed to be very low effect - combining the stair climbing action with the upper body arms of an elliptical.

If you struggle with joint discomfort, shin splints or even a bad back, this could be the best device to assist you prevent that - while still getting your exercises in.

# 4 The M3 Max Trainer Workout Keeps You Burning Calories For Hours After Your Workout

Bowflex developed both the M3 and M5 models to include the specialized high-intensity 14 minute workout. This exercise has actually been designed to challenge your body with little bursts of activity followed by longer rest periods.


This type of exercise has actually been shown to increase your metabolism for approximately 24 hours after your exercise. So you'll burn more calories even at rest after your exercises on the M3.


# 5 Save Space in your house


The M3 Max trainer has a smaller sized footprint than most treadmills or even elliptical fitness instructors. It measures 2.5 x 3.5 feet.

So if you do not want - or have the space for a great deal of bulky equipment, the Max M3 is a terrific choice.

Those are the pros - exactly what about the cons?


Well, the M3 is a "simpler" version of the M5 Max trainer. You do not get some of the high-end additionals:


# 1 No Backlit Console


The M3 does not have the backlit console that you get with the M5. This may or might not matter to you.

If lighting is limited in your exercise area, you may want to decide for the M5 design to see your exercise statistics (or simply buy a small flashlight).


# 2 Fewer Resistance Levels


The M3 has fewer resistance levels than the M5 - 8 vs 16. So if you're in top physical condition, you might desire the additional challenge of the M5 trainer instead of the M3.


But for new exercisers, they'll probably be simply fine with 8 resistance levels.


# 3 Fewer Built-in Workouts


The M3 does have a manual and the special Bowflex 14 minute period program - instead that's about it.

The M5 has several other built-in exercises like calorie goal, fat burn, stairs, constant state and fitness test. Once again, this might or might not matter to you depending on your exercise design.


# 4 No Heart Rate Hand Sensors


The Bowfex M3 Max Trainer does include a wireless heart rate keeping an eye on system - instead there is no hand sensor alternative. The M5 has both the wireless and hand sensing unit.


Exactly what's the bottom line?


The Bowflex Max M3 is a simpler version of the M5 premium Max Trainer. They both provide the same high-calorie-burning benefits, upper body toning, high strength training and compact design.


So all the basics are covered for you to obtain a high calorie burning exercise

The main differences are in the premium "extras" that many people like such as the additional resistance levels, backlit console and workout programs. Truly it's up to you and what you like.


But if you're planning to see faster results in less time throughout your workouts, the M3 might just be the best device for you!